Bio & art

Akore is a self-taught street & contemporary artist that lives and works in Barcelona. He is considered one of the best known and active street artists at this time in Barcelona.

Akore started painting at the end of the 80’s to the hip-hop beat that exploded at that time in Barcelona’s suburbs, where he grew up. It was during that time that he started to work on his first sketches, illustrations, calligraphy, typography, tags and graffiti.

His art evolved and now he feeds on everything that surrounds him, as well as all the things that do not surround him. Everything that he imagines and also everything else that he does not imagine, the things that transgress and those that do not. The things that get transformed and those that will not or will not acknowledge transformation. Akore distances himself from the real world through his artwork, by expressing his ideas and the creative activity of his inner universe.

Guided by his own instinct, he sometimes looks for the notion of Art for Art’s Sake, hedonism, pleasure and the creative activity per se. Other times, he looks for exchanges, escapism, boundaries, rupture, radicalism, provocation, the not so beautiful. His work is clearly influenced by urban culture, Hip-Hop, the African American movements and culture, by the African Aesthetic, by Street Art, Pop Art and Graphic Design.

On the communications front, he forges dialectic with the otherness through experience, which is understood like a journey that conveys life itself. The conscious or unconscious use of a language that is socially sensitive with the mundane is looking to establish a dialogue with the other. This on occasions is more important than the functional aesthetics of his artwork.


Technique and materials

Combination of spraypaint, paint, ink, gouache, acrylic, stencil, collage and photography techniques, all combined with new digital technologies. He works on different resources such as paper, canvas or wall.


Artwork commissions

If you are interested in acquiring my artwork or getting in touch with me, please contact me.